Artistic Work



Performance and installation, 2022.
Curated by Rai Jacob and Manu Huesca Toledo

Artistic Residency SER

Material from my one month artistic residency in SER, Zoncuantla, Veracruz, July 2021

Moon in Scorpio

Video creation, 2021

La solitude lumineuse

Video creation, 2020

Si me deseas, puedes entrar a mi jaula

Installation and performance, 2020

Exploración sensual con Burbiculo

Video collaboration with Onda Mundial, 2020


Las pupilas no tienen horizontes

Dancer and collaborator, piece by César Brodermann, 2023

El grito

Collective performance directed by Yolanda Benalba, 2020-2022

Public/Private Parts ou L’Origine du monde

Performer and collaborator, piece by
Gerard X Reyes, 2021


Choreographer and dancer for artist Zemmoa, 2018-2020

Videoclips and commercials