Burbiculo / Florianne Philippe-Beauchamp

“Public / Private Parts ou L’Origine du monde” by Gerard X Reyes.
Dancer: Florianne Philippe-Beauchamp. Photographer: Juan David Padilla.

Burbiculo/Florianne Philippe-Beauchamp (it/they) is a dancer, performer and somatic sex educator. It evolves in a multidisciplinary artistic environment and its practice is based on the study of the living body, with its transformations and its limits, which implies an interest in the potentialities of sensuality, desire, gender, madness and nightlife. Its work is presented as performances, immersive installations, dance pieces and videos.

Florianne was trained as a classical dancer for 8 years before exploring urban dances, which led it to learn dancehall and deepen its training in Jamaica. Currently it focuses on improvisation as well as sensuality and seduction in movement, seeing sensual expression as a vector of collective liberation. Its interests led it to train as a somatic sex educator at the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education (ISSSE, Victoria, Canada). Its educational work on embodied sensuality has an international outreach.

Burbiculo has collaborated with the Centro Cultural España en México, the Centro de la Imagen, the Cabañas Museum, the Traición collective, the Eroteca, the Jacobx Toledx studio, the Salon Silicon, the Arenero and the Espacio Sin Nombre (Mexico), the Pervers/cité festival (Canada), and the University of Fine Arts in Münster (Germany). They were a performer in residency in the work Public/Private Parts ou L’origine du monde by Gerard X Reyes, which touches on the themes of sensuality and censorship. It took part in the performance El Grito directed by Yolanda Benalba for the 2nd Biennial of Art and Design of the UNAM. It was a choreographer and dancer for the artist Zemmoa, with whom it danced at the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris, at the El Chopo University Museum and at the Zócalo. Its latest performance, SANGUAZA, was nominated for best work of the year 2022 by Artes de Obras Comentadas. Florianne is currently developing a piece with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and is also working with choreographer César Brodermann, the only Mexican to be trained in Gaga by Ohad Naharin.