Desires and limits in the body: how to recognize them, communicate them and negotiate them

In this laboratory we explore how we feel, from our bodily sensations, our desires and limits. How does it feel to say ” yes ”? How does it feel to receive a ” no ”? We will negotiate in pairs to reach agreements. We will explore what we want, what we are willing to do, and the difference between the two.

This workshop is for …
* People who have difficulty asking for what they need and want.
* People who have doubts about how to navigate intimacy.
* People who have difficulty receiving a no because they feel it as a rejection.
* People who have difficulty setting limits.
* Parents who want to talk about limits and desires with their children.
* People who have difficulty talking about desires, tastes and limits with their partner(s).
* People who work in contexts where they touch others (nurses, physical therapists, teachers, etc.)

This workshop is based on the 3-minute Game and the Wheel of Consent®️ developed by Dr. Betty Martin. I have not studied directly with Betty or with the School of Consent. For more information visit

I offer this class in person for groups of 2 to 10 people. If you have questions, want information or want to ask me for a class, you can contact me at [email protected]

Sensual Exploration in Movement

This three 1.5 hour class workshop (4.5 hours in total) is focused on exploring our own sensuality through movement. We will be having group conversations about sensuality, desire and pleasure. We will be exploring sensual movement with different exercises, using our senses, using performance codes, and somatic inquiry.

For me, accessing my erotic energy has a lot to do with desiring myself, which generates pleasure. In a society where there is lots of shame and taboo linked to sexuality and eroticism, having spaces for sensual exploration has been powerful for my own self-acceptance (as a queer, androgynous person – but I truly believe everyone benefits from connecting with their eroticism).

This workshop is for everyone! Absolutely no dance background required as this is not a dance class. There will be different options for exercises in an attempt to make them accessible to different abilities and comfort zones!

*Sensuality/eroticism are linked to powerful emotions, individually and socially. I intend to offer a space where each and everyone is welcome to share within their own limits, offering judgment-free witnessing and listening to other participants.

I offer this workshop in person or virtually to groups of at least 6 persons. For information and registration, you can contact me at [email protected]